Our Story

Franco Stellari was born in Arezzo, Italy - the epicenter of jewelry fashion in Italy.

Italians began the fine tradition of jewelry making three thousand years ago.

Made in Italy Fine Jewelry

The Etruscans from Arezzo worked with gold, perfecting the art of granulation, braiding and filigree work, creating beautiful masterpieces. As the price of gold increased over the years, they began making jewelry out of sterling silver as well.

Our unique and elegant jewels combine in a balanced way newness and refinement, modernity and tradition, always under the banner of Made in Italy, in which the Italian spirit is not only indicative of geolocation but also of quality, creativity, punctuality, flexibility and luxury.

Past and present are intertwined within the intricate earrings, necklaces and bracelets especially designed for the styles of modern day.

This jewelry collection gives true testament to the time-honored jewelry making of Italy's past while being fashion forward for today's styles.